"Aubrie is one of the best photographers in town. We have been lucky to work with her. She has a great eye for photography overall and is able to capture beautiful candid shots, action shots and still life. Aubrie's modern style is what we and our clients are all looking for. We use her photos for Feast Portland and Little Green Pickle and could not be happier. She is professional and fun to work with!"  - Jannie Huang | Little Green Pickle

"I've worked with Aubrie on everything from client photo shoots to family portraits, and the quality of her work is always on point.  She brings a very chill, no drama energy that I always appreciate.  She's not afraid to experiment and be creative, without losing sight of the overall intention of the shoot."  - Heather Jones | Heather Jones PR

“Working with Aubrie is always a joy since I know she will respond to my clients professionally and deliver creative and beautiful images. Aubrie is more than a vendor, she is part of our team and goes well beyond to ensure a successful and long-term client relationship.”  - Lisa Hill | Lisa Hill PR

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Tillamook Creamery, Hood River Distillers, Brazi Bites, Quaintrelle, FEAST, Grand Marnier, Allison Inn & Spa, Laughing Planet, Ringside Steakhouse, FINEX, Oregon Fruits, V2O Life, Acadia Bistro, Black Walnut Inn, Botanist Restaurant, Celilo Restaurant & Bar, Jackrabbit, Mumm Napa, Feastly, Hawkins Cellars, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Auction, Hunt & Gather Catering, Tabor Tavern, Swift & Union, Ex Novo Brewery, Brix Tavern, The Fireside, Kaos McMinnville, Smith Tea, Dairy Hill Ice Cream, Oxbow Ceramics, Pinolo Gelato, Heritage Soups, Sach Foods, The Bourbon Classic


Saveur, Imbibe, Thrillist, Portland Monthly, 1859 Oregon's Magazine, Portrait of Portland, Edible Portland, Oregonian, Tasting Table, The Pearl Magazine, Oregon Wine Press, Spirituality & Health, The Gorge Magazine, OnTrak

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Little Green Pickle, Lisa Hill PR, Heather Jones PR, Broussard Communications, FINE 


"Salt Block Grilling" by Mark Bitterman

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